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10 Truths: Transitioning from the Classroom to a Role at an Education Company.

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What To Expect From Your First Interview

Being asked to interview for an ed-tech position can be an exciting step toward your goal of transitioning out of the classroom, but it can also be a source of stress. Many of my Classroom to Boardroom students spend a great deal of time worrying about how that first round of interviews will go.

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Is Your Teacher Trauma Holding You Back in Your Job Search?

Today, one of my Classroom to Boardroom students received a job offer at her dream company. She called me to celebrate, and she said, "I'm going to need two weeks to let go of all the stress I've been feeling at school." Thankfully, she's going to get those two weeks to relax after her last day as a teacher. But, the conversation got me thinking, are your teacher-stress and trauma holding you back from reaching your next role?

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3 Reasons You're Not Getting A Second Interview

Are you a teacher looking for a job in ed-tech? Ed-tech jobs for teachers can be hard to come by, so you'll want to make sure you are 100% ready for your first interview if your resume gets in you in the door for a role.

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I'm Carrie Conover

After 10 fantastic years in the classroom, I made the transition from classroom teacher to ed-tech leader to CEO.
I've been in education for 21 years. I’m proud of the ten years I spent teaching, but I’m also very proud of the years I’ve spent working outside the classroom to positively impact schools across the nation.

I took my teacher skillset and turned it into a successful career at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, eSpark Learning, Discovery Education, and as the founder and CEO of educators 2 educators.

I've helped teachers land roles at Scholastic, Discovery Education, Skillstruck, and many more.


"I also want to say thank you to Carrie Conover. If you do not know her, you need to! She was the person that was finally able to place me on this path to success. Carrie provided me with so much knowledge and clarity. She was the person that made me believe in myself and gave me the confidence to know that good things were coming. February 2022 was the turning point in my professional career and I owe it to Carrie!"

- Shaun Gainer

I am a former teacher now working at an amazing education company, and I need to say that it is because of Carrie I am where I am today. For a very long time, I had a dream to work outside of the classroom helping other teachers and educators like myself. This past spring I was introduced to Carrie by a friend and with just one email correspondence, I knew Carrie was the person I had been searching for. ICarrie’s modules were filled with great insight, very valuable knowledge and most of all guidance on how to get from here to there. With that in mind, I have to say it was Carrie’s constant support and encouragement that allowed me to take the next steps in finding my new career."

- Olivia Louwagie

"Carrie is an incredible supporter of educators and those shifting careers. She has a positive attitude and a knack for recognizing people’s strengths. Carrie will motivate and assist however needed. She provided coursework to prepare me for a role in a corporate setting. During interviews, I was incredibly prepared due to the knowledge gained in the courses and through our conversations. Carrie provided insights during a private session, helping me to excel on a performance task during the interview process. I was prepared for the new role and continue to be asked where I gained the spot-on knowledge. I greatly appreciate the encouragement, trainings, and her efforts to build a community of support."

- Laura Henderson


Learn how to transition from the classroom to your dream position at an education company.

Is Ed-Tech Right for Me?

Module One: Career Paths at Education Companies

Module Two: Salary Ranges, Work-Life Balance, and the Reality of Working in Ed-Tech.

Understanding the Sales Cycle

Module Four: Why You Need to Understand Sales, Even if You Don't Want to Do Sales

Module Five: Ed-Tech Sales Training

Support Customers and Grow Relationships

Module 5: Customer Support and Customer Success

Product and Design

Module 6: Curriculum Writing and Instructional Design

Product Training

Module 7: Professional Development and Training

Start Your Job Search

Module 8: Building Up Your Educator Resume

Module 9: Networking

Get Your First role


Module 10: Interviewing Tips and Tricks 

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