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Learn how to transition from the classroom to your dream position at an education company.

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Does this sound familiar to you?

  •  I love teaching, but I can't carry the emotional burden anymore.
  •  Teaching used to make me happy, but the job has changed.
  •  I feel like my mental and physical health comes last.
  •  I want to have a more significant impact on education and help other teachers.
  •  I'm ready for a new challenge in my career, but I have no idea where to begin. 
  •  The job market is so competitive, and I feel lost in the crowd of teachers leaving the classroom. 

Start your new journey

In Classroom to Boardroom you will explore your career options, identify the best role for your skill set, and learn the tools you need to be a highly-sought after hire. You can land your first job outside the classroom in as little as six weeks

There is no reason to feel guilty for wanting more! Classroom to Boardroom can get you a new position on your timeline.

Classroom to Boardroom provides a step-by-step plan to land your first role outside of the classroom. You will be given modules with on-demand lessons, live masterminds with industry experts, as well as a monthly live coaching call. In addition, you’ll be assigned action steps to land that first role and have access to exclusive job opportunities, created just for Classroom to Boardroom students.

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Carrie Conover

Meet your instructor

After 10 fantastic years in the classroom, I made the transition from classroom teacher to ed-tech leader to CEO.

I've been in education for 21 years. I’m proud of the ten years I spent teaching, but I’m also very proud of the years I’ve spent working outside the classroom to positively impact schools across the nation.

I took my teacher skillset and turned it into a successful career at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, eSpark Learning, Discovery Education, and as the founder and CEO of educators 2 educators.

I've helped teachers land roles at Scholastic, Discovery Education, Skillstruck, and many more. 

The truth is that teachers don’t give themselves enough credit for the talents and skills they have that translate into many positions within any company.

Teachers who work with Carrie are able to

  •  Identify their skillset
  •  Market their skillset
  •  Close the knowledge gap with training on programs they need to use
  •  Understand business basics
  •  Gain access to potential employers
  •  Approach interviews with the confidence to stand out

I cannot express how grateful I am to know Carrie Conover and to be a participant in her Classroom to Boardroom Course. I am a former teacher now working at an amazing education company and because of Carrie, I am where I am today. For a very long time, I had a dream to work outside of the classroom helping other teachers and educators like myself. I was introduced to Carrie by a friend and with just one email correspondence, I knew Carrie was the person I had been searching for. I quickly enrolled in Carrie’s Classroom to Boardroom Course where I had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of what it looks like to work for an Education/EdTech company. Carrie’s modules were filled with great insight, very valuable knowledge and most of all guidance on how to get from here to there. Carrie’s constant support and encouragement allowed me to take the next steps in finding my new career. Carrie has given me the best advice and has helped prepare me for my current role. I would 100% recommend Classroom to Boardroom to anyone who is thinking about transitioning out of the classroom. Carrie will be your biggest cheerleader and you will quickly realize you can make this move. Carrie, thank you for being the amazing person that you are!

Olivia L.

Classroom Magazine Representative at Scholastic 


Can I make this change now?

You don’t have to feel guilty for wanting more, needing a break, or craving a new challenge. It is perfectly okay to explore something new. I know because I’ve lived this path, and I want to teach you to have the confidence and skills to land your first job at an education company.

Real experience with real companies

I’m connected with over 100 employees at various education companies, including Discovery Education, eSpark Learning, DreamBox, HeadSpace, SeeSaw, Rozzy Learning, Newsela, and many more. As a member of Classroom to Boardroom you will have direct contact with former teachers and executives currently working in the field.

Carrie Conover Education Companies



  • Receive one module a month for one year
  • New content added regularly
  • Attend monthly LIVE coaching sessions
  • Gain immediate access to the job board and private community group

This option is great for educators that want to begin exploring the possibilities of a transition or the educator on a tight budget.


Entire Course


  • Receive entire course after purchase
  • New content added regularly
  • Attend monthly LIVE coaching sessions
  • Gain immediate access to the job board and private community group
  • Two months free! 

This option is perfect for the educator that wants to make the transition immediately (6 weeks to 4 months) or the educator that wants immediate access to all the trainings.


Classroom to Boardroom Success Stories

Allison Mosele

teacher to Customer Success Advocate, Lumen Technologies

Anne Fussichen

teacher to Customer Success Manager, 101edu

 Bethany Cathey 

teacher to Education Program Manager, Dell Technologies


Olivia Louwagie 

teacher to Education Specialist, Scholastic

Marjorie Stahl 

teacher to Customer Success Manager, Skill Struck

Jessica Seiler

teacher to Onboarding Coach, Otus

Chelsea Moore

teacher to Project Manager, Texas Education Agency

Jamie Sanborn

teacher to Instructional Designer, Percepta